Welcome to DerBen.ca

Imagination becomes reality with 3D printing.

3D printing is used to create solid objects you can hold in your hand. It’s similar to printing a 500 page document on a regular printer, you’ll get a stack of paper, that loosely resembles a three dimensional cube. Printing those 500 layers of paper uses pretty much the same procedure that a 3D printer prints with, only using layers of plastic that get stuck together instead of paper.

Moving onward into my website, you’ll see a selection of items available for purchase. All items can be customized by picking a colour you like. Some items can have text added. A smoother, glossy finish that helps reduce the visible print lines is possible for some items. More items will be added as time permits to design them, so check back often!

I can even make custom designs. Is there something you’d like to have custom made? Maybe a drink coaster holder, with your bar name on it. Napkin holders with the bride and grooms name on it? A can or bottle holder for the fridge, so they don’t roll around. Just let me know your ideas! If it’s something I can resell, I won’t charge a design fee.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and take a look around, just take your boots off first.