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Probability; Yellow is Low, Green is Good, Red is Great!
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-To see current KP values move the slider so that Status is in the 'Estimated' range, match with Local Time.
-Observed are past KP values, Predicted/Estimated are possible values for the future.
-Times are in 3 hour chunks. Auroras may appear in that timeframe.
-The closer the KP line is to where you live, the better the chance of you seeing an aurora.
-The map also shows day and night time as you move the slider, as well as the KP line.
-Get away from city lights, somewhere you can see the horizon, try 'dark sky finder' in links.
-Auroras are up in space, a full moon or cloud cover can obscure them. Clear nights work best!
-You probably need around a KP 6 to see anything in south Ontario!

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This webpage is only as accurate as it's information source. Approximations and generalizations are used in the display image. Great auroras take a bit of luck to spot.