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HTML5 Canvas examples

These images are generated by your browser, no two are the same.
You will need a real browser like chrome or firefox for these images.
It will need to be updated to the latest version too, otherwise you
may not see things as they are intended to be seen.

Some items will change when you refresh the page or via timer, others will be animated.
Maze v3 updates the maze on reload or when you get the laser pointer dot to the yellow exit.
They are programmed to fill the available screen when the page is reloaded.

Erratic lightning
Vine Explosion Generator
Random Maze Generator v1 (slow)
Random Flowers
Maze Generator v2
Maze Game Generator v3
Random Stars
You LOST at Paintball
Bugs on a windshield
Icicle generator
Photo Drips (slow)
WIP Paint Drips
WIP Parallel lines at random
fractal-borrowed fractal code
WIP gyro image
fullscreen test
qix demo
star saver

These examples were all programmed by Colin 'DerBen' 
and are released into the public domain. Let me know if you do anything fun with them.

Also there are code tests too:
Avatar - make an avatar